Antler handle belt knife

Forged  1075 steel blade, iron oval guard, antler handle

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     I have been making knives since 1989. I am a member of the North Carolina Custom Knife Makers Guild and the ABS. The knives pictured here are but a small example of my work. My primary stlye is primitive or period and is representative of the knives used on the frontier, be it Eastern or Western.  All blades are forged from high carbon steels, such as 1095, 1084, 5160, L6, or W2. Damascus blades are made of 1095&L6 or 1084&15n20. Handle materials range from natural to man made to fit the customer's need. I also have a line of ATS34 Stainless with a more modern profile.


Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  make a product that can be used and pass down for future use

The sheaths are made from 9/10 weigth leather and are hand sewn and tooled. Kydex sheaths can be had on request with the ATS34 line of knives. All work is done in house, from design to finish.  THESE KNIVES ARE CRAFTED TO BE USED, ARE FIELD WORTHY, AND PERIOD CORRECT. IF USED PROPERLY (AND NOT AS A SCREWDRIVER OR PRY BAR) THEY WILL LAST A LIFETIME. EACH OF MY KNIVES IS GUARANTEED FOR AS LONG AS OWNED BY THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER.